A trip to the Janakpuri branch of DCCW - An NGO for specially abled children

Every child is special and deserves to be happy. The Foundation School is a firm believer of the same idea.

On 30th July, the students of classes V and VI ( Harshita, Arumay, Hrishita)went to the Janakpuri branch of DCCW with Ms.Sangeeta Aswani and Ms.Neeti Gupta as a Citizenship Program initiative. The aim of the visit was to encourage skill development in the specially abled children of the Bal Chetna Program. The stationary and art/ craft material was generously donated by the parents, students and teachers of The Foundation School to launch this activity.

The idea was to make simple usable household items with the help of a little art and craft done on recyclable items while improving their motor skills and tapping their imagination as they struggle to overcome their disabilities.

The center is a beautiful, positive place, well equipped to suit the needs of the children. The students of The Foundation School presented them with gifts and sweets. It is a well known fact that arts and culture helps in bringing people closer together and is the best form of expression. Our students taught these children different crafts using recyclable material like old cds , plastic bottles, tissue paper rolls, etc. from learning to paint in one direction to learning to stick ribbon onto a bottle neatly using Fevicol - from learning to plant a sapling to color coordinating patterns on the CD , It was inspiring to see how both sets of students communicated with each other in a patient and friendly manner. The children included some who could not talk or hear and were brought in from the Nithari Center because they had a vivid imagination.

Soon the table was filled with beautiful coasters, planters, pen holders and diwali decorations. The idea is that these children learn to perfect a skill enough to sustain their livelihood in the future. This was the first of such initiatives wherein children will help create beautiful art and crafts items with these Bal Chetna children.

The group then proceeded to have lunch together hosted by DCCW.

It was a memorable and a very touching experience for the students because they not only made new friends but also learnt that art has no boundaries. Everyone is unique in their own way.

Neeti Gupta.
Sangeeta Aswani.