Embracing Nature to heal the planet!

“The future is in our hands, let’s take a stand to preserve our land.” This was the conviction in the minds of all the students as they marched into the site at Netaji Nagar in order to support the drive against felling of trees. On 9th July the students of classes IV, V and VI of The Foundation School went for a nature trail organized by Mr. Verhaen Khanna,the founder of the NGO, New Delhi Nature Society.
His aim is to make people aware of the harm being done to the environment and also to make them fall in love with trees. As the children entered the site, all they saw around were trees that had been cut, trees that had been uprooted and trees that looked so sad. Many of these trees had messages on them such as, “murdered”, “why did you kill us, we just gave you oxygen?” and so on.

The children were heartbroken! They could actually feel for the trees and voiced their opinions, “the people doing this should be punished” and “humans should not be allowed near the trees”. They discussed with Mr. Khanna the importance of trees too. When asked for ways to stop this mass felling the children said they would re-start the ChipkooMovement. They  placed their hearts on the tree and hugged it tight with eyes closed,  to  show the connect and feel the bond.Some of them even said that they felt as if water was flowing through the tree.

The most enjoyable part of the nature trail was the tree climbing. Climbing trees is so much fun! The children were asked to make groups of 4 and then taught how to climb trees. They  scrambled up and perched themselves on different branches. The children loved being there. Not once did they complain about how hot it was! All one could see was the inseparable bond that they had formed with the trees. The trail ended with the kids going around the Banyan tree shouting slogans and making promises to save the trees.

The entire activity was very enriching. As the accompanying teacher I felt very proud to see our students form this connect with nature and express their unconditional love for trees at such a young age. 

Ms. Yahvi Seth.