Why We Started


The idea behind this course for our children is to create in them an effectual and enabled citizen by making them aware of both their rights as well as their duties as citizens of India. It is also intended to address adolescent and pre-adolescent issues and foster life skills by generating awareness. Also by kindling the desire in children, to become active citizens, the program wishes to expose our children to a society which is crying out for help.
Given below is a rough outline of the topics which are discussed and that eventually help our students in becoming good citizens :-

  • · What is a good citizen?

  • · Why the Citizenship course?
  • · A background on how our country works- basic understanding of the Constitution, Parliamentary democracy, fundamental rights and duties, the three organs of the government etc. The complexity of the issues could be dealt with, based on the age group that we are addressing to.
  • · Basic understanding of our policy and social- demography etc
  • · Current issues- political, social, economic, environmental.
  • · How to use your fundamental rights.
  • · Our city- its issues: traffic, pollution, corruption, crime, terror.
  • · Selecting a small problem in one particular area. Eg:- noise pollution, fire crackers, traffic violations, depleting air quality, and looking at ways to see how we can help make a difference.
  • · Guest speakers enlightening students on various issues
  • · The importance of personal hygiene and social hygiene– Keeping our surroundings clean by setting an example.
  • · Basic courtesies- standing in queues, holding doors, standing up for an older person, caring for the elderly etc.
  • · Adolescent issues- sex education, dealing with smoking, alchohol, drugs, handling relationships
  • · Life skills – how to manage your career, career and home, crisis in relationships, multitasking.
  • · Sponsoring a local project: vocational training for young girls etc

    In November 2010, School took on an initiative to instil awareness in the children about their rights and responsibilities as future citizens of the country. This was sought to be achieved through social projects, field work and excursions. This programme was aptly called THE CITIZENSHIP PROGRAMME.

    The initiative is aimed at exposing and sensitising our children towards the society at large, thereby equipping them to be change-makers.

    The driving force behind this programme is Ms Madhavi Goradia Divan , practicing Supreme Court Lawyer and member of the Governing Board of The Indian School. The Co-ordinator of the programme is Ms. Sangeeta Aswani, former VP, PTA at our School.

    The working committee of the programme encapsulates the school captains and their team of student-volunteers who enthusiastically work for all the citizenship committees on a rotation basis for maximum exposure to the work involved.

    The citizenship programme is divided into the committees as follows :-

    Shramdaan committee – “Shramdaan” means “Donation of Labour” – This is a significant and honourable way to help provide services to society for its development and to help those in need. The Indian School makes an ongoing effort to inculcate this among it’s children by using the proceeds of all the sales of various products and artifacts made by children themselves, towards a charitable cause.


The committee is involved in the procuring of raw materials, production, packaging and the selling of products. Products made by the students for this purpose are:-

Handmade Soap – Both liquid soap and bars are made in the Chemistry Lab from Palm oil, Olive oil and Coconut oil, enhanced with natural fragrances and in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. The school also provides additional support by organizing professional workshops to students who are interested in this hobby. There is a variety of packaging devised in-house by our students and teachers from recycled paper.
It gives us great pride to inform you that we have completed our first order of 75 pieces of soap packed in beautiful baskets! This was indeed a great start and we hope for many such opportunities in the future.


PAINTINGS – Carefully selected framed pieces of art on canvas and paper are made by students of the art department under the guidance of their teachers.


POTTED PLANTS – Students learn the art of beautiful potted plants under the guidance of our Gardening Club teachers




HERBAL COLORS – Natural colours are prepared in the Chemistry Lab to be used at Holi.


In the coming months, we plan to add Jute Bags, folders and many other products which are in the process.

Notice Board Committee – It involves the managing of the Citizenship Notice Board and updating it with articles of interest and current affairs.

Community Outreach Committee – Selected students organize programs and interact with NGO’s and plan activities involving community outreach. Workshops are also organized and these children are delegated responsibilities starting from coordinating the program, to welcoming the chief guest, to the systematic completion of the workshops, and providing a feedback.


Editorial Committee – Students manage the Citizenship page on the school website and give regular updates.


• A forum is provided to students to speak on topics they feel an affinity towards especially issues that involve social awareness.

• Debates on current issues.

• Seminars are organised on career-counseling and on psychological counseling, especially stress management and peer pressure.

• To maximize the efforts children put under the Shramdaan project.

• To organise fundraisers to create awareness on social issues, and to organise a Talent Hunt which will give a platform to children who are creative in any field but who have not yet been recognised.


Enlisted below are some of our achievements :


1.) Further developing the Shramdaan project and regularly working towards more production.

2.) Conducted a competition to encourage entries from students on ideas as to how we could use the money collected under Shramdaan to make a better impact on the society. Over time, we must grow to become self–supportive.

3.) Regular workshops for students and parents by Ms. Sangeeta Aswani and eminent guest speakers

4.) Successful Cleanliness Campaign in Defence Colony Market

5.) Continuous visits to MCD schools to impart good citizenship values to the children

6.) Projects to create sensitivity towards our environment and to make a difference in protecting and replenishing it.

7.) Supporting the Vocational Training Program at DCCW to empower the needy

8.) Sensitise children and general public to respect public property through Spot fixing

With the support of the parents and students, we hope to escalate our endeavour multi-folds..


If you have any suggestions on how we can grow, please feel free to write to us.